2022 Wealth Boost Bag 【2022招财聚宝福袋】



Approx 100g


Approx 75mm x 80mm

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2022 Wealth Boost Bag contains five different colors of crystal, representing the five different element – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. It also contains the replica of Kangxi era coins. Kangxi era is one of the most powerful and prosperous era in the Qing Dynasty.

With five elements crystals and coins, it will help to balance the energy field in your wealth sector of the house. When the energy field is balanced, you may experience the positive changes in your luck which in turn bring good wealth and health.

2022招财聚宝福袋内有乾坤 — 包含了五色水晶各代表了金木水火土。加上了康熙年代的仿制硬币可以加强您家中的财位的气场。这可帮助调节气场而提升您的运程。有了好运程事业,财运,健康也会跟着好起来。